Keith Pereira

Keith was born in Rhode Island but claims the Big Sky country of Montana as home. He was open water certified in Hawaii while on leave from the Army in 1985….and has been diving ever since. Six years with the Missoula County (MT) Search & Rescue dive team ALMOST ruined his passion for diving until a 1995 work conference in Florida turned into a few “fun dives” in the Keys and rekindled his love of the ocean and passion for diving. Since then, he has dived abroad and continued his diving education; becoming an instructor in 2009. Keith enjoys seeing new divers take their first breaths underwater but truly loves helping youth enjoy the ocean as much as he does through snorkeling instruction and youth scuba camp. In addition to diving and teaching, Keith has a love of the outdoors especially in Montana and can often be seen engaged in some of his other “hobbies” including triathlon, rugby, lacrosse, ice hockey and rollerblading with Jennett and his 2 pups Expo & Turbo.