Scuba Rentals and Prices!

 JND Scuba Center offers a wide assortment of rentals, repair, classes, trips and much more. Services include Visual Plus, hydrostatic tank inspection, regulator repair/service, and a friendly smile at no extra charge.

Please look around to see our rates and what we offer. If you do not see it here or would like to talk to one of us, feel free to call for any questions you may have. We are waiting for YOU. (321) 723-8888 or

JND Scuba Store

Recreational Gear

 BCD $15.00/$17.50
 Regulator $20.00
 Regulator w/ Computer $25.00
 Wetsuit (each piece) $7.00
 Mask $7.00
 Fins $10.00/$15.00
 Weights & Weight Belt $10.00/$20.00
 Flag & Float $10.00
 Tank $7.50

Tec Gear

Doubles $25 (AL80s w/ isolator)
Deco Bottle $10 (AL40 or 80)
Single H-valve $15 (120cu ft)
Double Regs $25
Deco Reg $15
Deco/Safety Reel $5
Liftbag $5
Fills not included w/ Tec Cylinder Rentals

Service Prices

 Regulator OH w/ octo $66.00
 Regulator OH no octo $55.00
 BCD overhaul $25.00
 Hydro and VIP (includes air) $40.00/$46.00
 VIP (includes air) $11.00
 Tank tumble $45.00
 Tank whip $20.00
 O2 cleaning of tank $50.00
 O2 cleaning of Reg $25.00
 Rush service – add $50.00