JND Scuba Testimonials

I wanted to thank you so much for organizing the cayman trip. I had an amazing
time, met some great new friends, and learned soooooo much in the water.

I'm so glad I got certified with you guys, I look forward to lots more trips.

Thank you very very much 🙂


I just picked up my gear after a service and it was ready as promised. You'll be seeing my other gear shortly. It is great to have a dive shop like yours here!


Just a note to the two of you to thank you for all your hard work in making us feel at home with the group and making the trip truly memorable and enjoyable!!!!! Thank you so much! Hope to join you again for one of your outings.



Hi Donna,

I wanted to thank you for another fun trip, even though it had its moments we had a very fun time. I hope you and Jeff are resting after keeping busy running everyone around. Looking forward to another adventure with you all.

Thanks again
John and Family

- John

5 Stars.
Donna provided a superb dive vacation experience during my annual visit to FL family. She was very responsive, thorough and comprehensive in her preparation for my three days of diving. She was also my dive buddy and guide. She chose the sites, arranged for the charters and looked-out for her newly minted AOW dive buddy -- me. And as an added bonus, she took many photos and videos of our dives, related dive tips, as well as patiently answered my numerous dive questions. The dives were in a wisely chosen progression, from easy to more challenging, well within lmits -- long and shallow at Blue Heron Bridge, to deep and drifting at Shark Canyon in West Palm. I felt very comfortable throughout. Exceptional value! Heck-of-a vacation! Don't miss connecting with JND if you want a great dive experience. JND is on my FL travel list again.

- Raymond H.

Hi Donna and Jeff,
A note of thanks for making my first ocean dives memorable ones! Not having been in the ocean environment before I was a little apprehensive but the training that Stans provided on my new equipment in the pool and Jim's class on Nitrox prepared me for today's dives! I had a wonderful time and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience.
You have a first class operation that provides, in my opinion, professional instruction couple with a warm and friendly atmosphere. Thanks again for today's memories!

- Bob

I was certified through you guys August 1, 2010. Sorry I haven't been in better contact! I've completed over 50 dives in my two years of being certified. Most of my dives are in Key Largo but I also dived in Cozumel last year. I have really enjoyed my diving and thank you guys again for teaching me!

- Chris White

- Chris W.

Thank you doesn't seem enough to express how grateful I feel. Every single person @ JND has made me feel @ home. I had an extreme fear of water. Thank you Jim S for not leaving my side 🙂 Both Jim S and Keith are a wealth of knowledge. JND should be proud of the team they have put together. Donna thank you for not giving up on me and encouraging me. I am having so much fun. This is a whole new world for me. Months ago I went to dinner with some of your divers and I was asked when I was going to get my scuba certification and I said NEVER EVER ....well it must be NEVER EVER time 🙂 I"m sure Jim F is smiling LOL ...I will never say never again! Bring on the adventures.

- Kat Borges

- Kat B.


On behalf of the City of Palm Bay, I would like to thank you for participating in our Play Day event on March 20th. The event was a big success, and we couldn’t have done it without all of the participating organizations. I greatly appreciate you volunteering your time in order to promote not only your Scuba classes, but all recreation within the City. We plan to make this an annual event and hope that you’ll join us again!

Kate Hehn

- Kate Hehn

Ken and I wanted to say a very special thank you to Jeff, Donna, and Jim! It meant alot to us that all three of you were there with us as we hit a milestone in our diving! Plus all the other wonderful JnD Scuba divers!

I really appreciate the extra care that you guys give me and that you don't make my fibromyalgia something I have to worry about or be embarrassed about. It's still amazes me that although most of the time I'm in pain, once in the water I'm pain-free and normal like everyone else.

We can't wait for the trip to Little Cayman, the Red Sea, and any other adventures JnD is going to have over the years. We appreciate the excellent service and the wonderful friendships!

Maria and Ken

- Maria & Ken

Jeff, Jim, and Donna,

I just wanted to drop a note and say thanks so much for the great job you all did with Chris's certification.
I can't say enough about how much we appreciated how smoothly the entire experience went. It is challenging enough teaching adults let alone a 10 year old. Your skill and patience with the kids was tremendous and we are happily recommending you to all of our friends who are getting ready to get themselves and their kids certified. Now that Chris is certified, we will have many years to enjoy diving as a family and look forward to more trips with all of you.

Thanks Again, you are the best!!

Rick and Nancy Melchiori

- The Melchiori's

My Wife, Son and I completed our PADI open water certification in October 2005 and after several great diving adventures with the dive center, we furthered our diving skills by obtaining the PADI advanced open water and the enriched air diver certifications giving us more confidence and knowledge to enjoy the recreational diving adventures that are so abundant in Florida.

Upon starting to dive from privately owned boats, with out the safety equipment provided on most professional dive boats, I decided to continue my diving education by enrolling in the PADI emergency first response and rescue diver courses. Unlike the prior PADI courses obtained at the dive center, I am glad that the emergency first response /rescue diver course was small in size, as the one on one interaction given by the instructor has proven to be very beneficial in all aspects of my life. The instruction and education that I received from the PADI emergency first response course, along with the rescue diver course, taught at your facility has been one of the most rewarding courses that I have had a chance to complete.

I would have not had any idea that after completing the PADI emergency first response course in October 2006 that I would need to put the skills learned in the class and DVD video to use.

After witnessing a severe multi vehicle accident, I was able to respond with confidence to the events that unfolded in front of me.

Craig Capion

- Craig

Dear JND:

I recently received a call saying that my PADI diving certification was ready! Unfortunately, I am unable to make the drive from Orlando to pick it up. I have enclosed a self-addressed envelope, if you would be so kind as to mail it to me. I appreciate all of your help and understanding, as I tried to work around my schedule. That is why I would not have gotten certified anywhere else, your reputation of customer service preceeds you and you have fullfilled every word. It has been a pleasure. I look forward to diving with you sometime in the near future.

Thanks Again,
Brittany Fries

- Brittany

Jeff, Donna, Jim:
Just wanted to send a quick note to say thanks for the weekend. We all had a blast and now that I've got some new dive buddies we're already talking about when we're going to get more dives in! Stay safe, and good luck with Ernesto.

Tom, Dave, Michelle

- Tom

Dear Jeff:

Thanks for a good refresher course. Bring on the open water! Hopefully Jill will be around and we can go on a DD/JND dive. I do understand the dive tables now and also understand that a computer is smarter!


Chris Edwards, DDS

- Chris


I just wanted to say thank you for the tremendous help you gave me when I called for suggestions for Christmas gifts for our daughter, Amy. I know she’ll be happy with the gear you suggested.

The wetsuit and vest arrived yesterday, as you said they would. I really appreciate dealing with individuals and businesses that understand and deliver on customer service.

I hope you, your family, and your employees have a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Again, many thanks for the help and quick delivery.

Terrill Lamb

- Terrill

Dear Jeff and Donna,

As a team building and morale boosting exercise, the recent company Open Water course run by JND Scuba would be hard to beat. Learning to dive is supposed to be fun and safe and you both made sure it was exactly that and more, fun, safe, professional, friendly and memorable.

From the start, the arrangements, organization, class teaching, pool skills and open water diving portrayed a professionalism that brings confidence to the student. At the same time, the atmosphere was relaxed and helpful so that the fun was there for all to enjoy.

The newly certified divers are excited! It is a pleasure to listen to their sense of achievement and the open door of opportunity they now see to dive again. Many have already begun to plan their next dives and talk of taking the Advanced and Nitrox courses. Others in the office are interested and could soon be taking the plunge and joining the fun and adventure. I know our team will direct them to JND Scuba for the right atmosphere and training.

Thank you for the opportunity to grow our business through fun.

Yours Sincerely,

Frank J. Coles

President and Chief Executive Officer
Globe Wireless LLC

- Frank

Hello All,

Hope everyone made it back home without any glitches.........
Some of us came from far away places, some arrived in the middle of the night........
A few souls couldn't make it (what a bummer, you missed out)........
For most of us it was the 1st time to Belize, and someone got to enter the country 2 times (reminder to check your passport).......
We stopped to see and smell native animals, then arrived at the resort to a coconut and a straw............
Some of us climbed the Temples of The Gods, and some crawled into the belly of it's ancient past.............
We walked a little funny and had sore back sides from galloping into the jungle.......
Some got hand cranked across the river to yet another ancient ruin..........
We were in awe when we got to the island with its turquoise water and swaying palm trees...........
We dove pristine warm waters to chase down turtles, get a quick look at a vanishing eagle ray and rub the belly of a shark or two............
We donated a lot of money to the local economy and returned with great trinkets.......
We ate and drank (some more than others) and it was all good...........
We left some American blood with the local pets............
We met some local island people and some of us got a little too up close and personal........
We all left our signatures on a t-shirt that hangs on the ceiling of a beach tiki hut hoping to return to find it in the future..............
We look forward to exchanging photos and telling all who weren't there what a great time they missed................
It was great to see old friends and to make new ones................
Many came home with bites, bruises, blisters, colds and coral scratches, but it was worth it and we survived...........
We vowed to return to Belize again before we die, or take up residency and sell necklaces on the beach............
Now we are looking forward to the next trip we can get together on so we can eat, drink, be merry and dive.............
Thanks again to Donna and Jeff for a fabulous trip with great memories, you're the best travel coordinators I know............
Please remember to pass on some of your favorite photos to the others so they can see the silly fun that was had by all............

- Anonymous

Dear Donna,

Thank you so much for all the help you gave us in the water! You are a great instructor and we felt very confident with you! We especially thank you for being so patient and for getting me through my rough spots!

Dawn Willis

- Dawn

Dear Jeff & Donna,

Thank you so much for making our first diving experience so great! Your professionalism was greatly noted and appreciated! From the shopping, to the classroom, to the water, we felt very confident with both of you! You make a great team! Choosing a dive instructor was especially important to us because we had our 11 year old with us. We clearly made the right choice! Thank you again,

Mike, Dawn & Amanda Willis (Tanner thanks you too!)

- The Willis'

Donna & Jeff,

Just want to let you know that Jackie really enjoyed the diving trip this past weekend. She was non stop talking all the way home about what she saw, and did. Thanks for making this such a great experience for her.


- Wendy

I am a 48-year-old woman who has always wanted to learn to Scuba Dive. I was initially nervous about scuba diving when I went into JND Scuba to ask about the requirements for scuba certification. The demeanor of Donna, the owner, was very pleasant and informative, which began to put me at ease. She acknowledged my apprehension, but also maintained her enthusiasm for the sport. My fears were significantly reduced by her genuine concern and I signed up for the class (and became certified 1-1/2 months later).

As much as I love water sports and the ocean, I had an unexpected experience when I went for my first open water dive, I became quite agitated in the water due to the equipment and fear of the unknown and aborted the dive. Donna was very supportive and went the extra step to ensure my return to the dive, with an additional couple of pool sessions so that I could become more comfortable with the equipment. A month later I became certified and have not stopped since. I now have obtained my Advanced Diver and Nitrox certifications.

Since that experience I have become quite friendly with everyone at the shop and have been a regular customer (buying gear and participating in shop sponsored dives). The knowledge I have gained through this experience has given me the ability to grow as a person and to learn how to face a fear and work through it. My hat goes off to everyone at JND Scuba: Jeff, Donna, Jim and Chris.

Thank you very much,
Katherine Johnson

- Katherine